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Valji Varia
All Natural Variation destinations

Valji was inspired to explore both Africa and the Asian sub-continent ever since witnessing the vastness and sheer abundance of wildlife inhabiting the Serengeti plains of Tanzania. Over the past decade he has developed a detailed understanding of the prime wilderness locations across the globe and established a network of outstanding field guides in each area.

Based in London (UK), Valji has trained to become a Field Guide / Game Ranger in South Africa where he had the fortune to gain expert knowledge from highly experienced Field Guides including Steve Roskelly and the renowned photographer and author of The Leopards of Londolozi, Lex Hes.

Alongside a serious passion for adventure, nature and in particular big cats, Valji is currently a photographic artist for Getty Images and the Natural History Museum Picture Library. It is his mission to utilise every moment of his time to witness the wonders that the natural world has to offer and to help others who share this enthusiasm to do the same.

Steve Roskelly
Southern Africa & Tanzania Specialist

From an early age Steve’s working life has been immersed in the field of nature reserves, wild animals and wide-open spaces. His private and professional guiding journeys to the wilderness areas of Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia have re-enforced his passion for travel and the exploration of unknown habitats and their natural inhabitants.

‘Patience and Perseverance’ is one of Steve’s mantras. A belief in it stems from his experience out in the field, of waiting and watching, being attentive to subtle signs that allow the emotional and usually not the physical participation in extraordinary natural events.

Steve’s formal credentials include a degree in Botany & Zoology as well as top guiding and tracking qualifications from the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa. His outstanding experience and bush skills have led Steve to training some of the next generation of Field Guides and have taught him to be humble in the presence of the wildlife that surrounds us.

Shankar Tiwari
Nepal, India & Sri Lanka Specialist

Based in Nepal and having worked as a field guide for over 25 years, Shankar is now considered the leading Ornithologist in the country. His passion for wildlife developed whilst working as a naturalist in the Royal Chitwan National Park and his development within the field has taken him right across the Asian sub-continent including India, Bhutan, Tibet and Sri Lanka.

His vast knowledge of the area and unique expertise of the flora and fauna of the Himalayan region has resulted in Shankar establishing himself as an outstanding Field Guide and founder of Travel Nepal Pvt. Ltd. In addition to his passion for wildlife, Shankar is versed in the vibrant cultural diversity of the area and also spends a considerable amount of time trekking across the numerous mountain ranges.

Shankar is extremely dedicated to environmental conservation and has also established the Green Club charity which educates students about the importance of protecting the environment and preservation of all that nature has to offer.

Robbie Chazangwe
Zambia Specialist

Whilst working as a waiter at the highly exclusive Robin Pope chain of lodges in Zambia, Robbie always had his sights set on becoming a field guide and to share his passion for wildlife and his homeland to visitors from across the globe. Through sheer hard work and determination he passed his field guide examinations with distinction and is now qualified to conduct both game drives and walking safaris throughout the National Parks of Zambia.

Alongside his outstanding scientific knowledge of the birds and mammals of the South Luangwa National Park, Robbie prides himself on his understanding of animal behaviour and the interpretation of subtle signals and signs that they display within any given eco-system.

He also spends a significant amount of time on wildlife management and education amongst the local communities based around the National Park. Robbie currently works as the Safari Manager at the Flatdogs Camp near the Mfuwe sector of the park.

Tony Calisto
Kenya Specialist

Tony has been continually building on his comprehensive knowledge of the National Parks of Kenya for over two decades. His knowledge of the Masai Mara National Reserve in particular is outstanding and he is considered one of the best spotters in the country. This ability has enabled Tony to witness many outstanding encounters with the magnificent predators of East Africa.

Whilst on safari, he puts particular emphasis on making sure his guests have the most memorable experience possible and always strives to add to his outstanding knowledge of animal behaviour and scientific facts.

His orientation skills and understanding of the complex network of routes which transverse the National Parks and Wildlife Reserves of Kenya enables guests to make the most of all wildlife viewing opportunities. Tony currently lives in Nairobi and works as a senior guide for Vintage Africa safaris.


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